Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – New Amiibos unlock weapons and items

New Amiibos – New Items

We have been wondering how the new Zelda: Breath of the Wild amiibo would work for awhile now. Images of the boxes are beginning to surface, revealing the functionality – at least for the archer and rider figures.



It seems that the new Link amiibos unlock new items and weapons. The Archer version provides rare bows and Rider Link gives treasure for large swords and DLC horse armor saddles.
The wait for this game is killing me, especially since I was able to snag one of the Master Editions. Now I just have to find me a Nintendo Switch…



Written by: Aaron Walters

Aaron grew up with a controller in his hand. He got hooked on the SNES and hasn't looked back since. Twitch

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