Though Erin started gaming later in life, it quickly became one of her favorite pastimes. She remembers scraping together her allowance money to buy a used Nintendo 64 way back in 2005, and that classic system helped cement her love for video games. Erin adores sandbox games with endless possibilities, simulation games that let her play God, games that challenge her patience, and creepy, grotesque games that regularly make her screech. She loves the craft of video games and all the work that goes into making them a true work of art, especially the music and sound design. When Erin’s not in front of a console, you can find her on campus studying music business, in the kitchen cooking up some delicious vegan noms, in front of a microphone singing her heart out, or just curled up in bed with some great movies.


Favorite Genres:

Open-world RPG or driving


Top 5 Favorite Games:

-Dragon Age Series
-Grand Theft Auto Series
-Resident Evil Series
-Pokemon Series
-Civilization V

Runners Up:

-Elder Scrolls Series
-The Sims 3



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