Knoppix (Billy)

Billy is the resident FPS junkie here at Cereal Gamer. By day, he is a mild mannered Network Engineer but come nighttime, he transforms into a trash talking, drop shotting, Pub-stomping machine! He started developing his competitive side in FPS’s on PC in Counter Strike: Source, “*Office – 24/7*” was a literal server title to him! From CS:Source he transitioned over to Team Fortress 2. Here he played as the Sniper competitively for a team in Cyber Athletic League online Tournaments. Sadly, his Tournament days were cut short due to work / school responsibilities, and he has not played tournaments in any game since. Nowadays he just plays for fun and has a blast doing it! He enjoys FPS’s the most but also dabbles in other genres.


Favorite Genres:

First person shooters
Action / Adventure


Top 5 games:

Call of Duty Series – Favs: Cod 4 / MW2
World of Warcraft – 6 – level 90’s by the end of Pandaria
League of Legends – Support > ADC > Mid > Top > Jungle
Golden Eye (N64) – Probably the first FPS I ever played.
Halo 2 – Double Shot, Quad Shot, BxR, BxB!!!! Need I say more?