A Drug Called Destiny (Why you may want to avoid Slot Machines)

Hello my name is Aaron, and I am a Destiny addict. Maybe I am slightly masochistic, or maybe I enjoy pushing my limits and testing my resolve. The most obvious reason is that Bungie has a crack-like drug that seeps into your hands as you play….

I have grown accustomed to sitting down and without a second thought selecting the little Destiny icon and booting up the game. I have plenty of other games sitting around waiting to be played. I have dabbled with AC: Unity, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Shadow of Mordor. However none of these have stayed in the disc drive near as long.

Destiny’s RNG can tempt with some fabulous prizes like Suros Regime, Vex Mythoclast, and the ever elusive Gjallerhorn. However, most prizes come in the form of class item engrams, and ascendant materials. This is the same type of payouts that casinos have been using for years. Give the big shiny prizes to a few, while trading pennies for dollars with the masses.


Shiny Prizes

I have come to the realization that I should never sit down at slot machine, buy a lottery ticket, or even try my hand at poker. It is one thing to lose time to Destiny, but I really do not need to lose thousands to some casino, not be able to pay it, and then have it beaten out of me by some bruiser named Butch.



But at least this is fixed!



Written by: Aaron Walters

Aaron grew up with a controller in his hand. He got hooked on the SNES and hasn't looked back since. Twitch

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