Master Chief Collection – Aaron

This is not a review of the individual games themselves, because everyone already has an opinion on the Halo series. Some hold to the thought that there should only be the Bungie series. Others use a more Highlander-ish approach, “There can only be one!” While there are also those out there that wish a new game came out every six months, that way the rest of us would have a Game besides Call of Duty to complain about.

I have really enjoyed playing the updated version of Halo 2, even though it is a lot tougher than I remember. It has been several years since I played Halo 2. The gameplay has held up well, a little slow feeling at times, but you are playing as a big green brick. Sprint from newer FPSs has spoiled me though. The updated graphics are great, and the new cut scenes are absolutely fantastic to watch. Got a a few stutters here and there, but nothing too bad.

One of my qualms with the game is the customization of my spartan. Especially in Halo 4. No longer can I use the pauldrons from one armor set and the helmet from another. They also took out visor color as well, and that is one that can make a difference depending on your helmet choice. You are now forced to pick one armor set as a whole. I get that there is a lot going on this disk, but if I am required to install the 15gb multiplayer update, make it 16gb and give me more options.

So far I’ve enjoyed myself, but I haven’t finished Halo 2. So, I haven’t had the ending disappoint me for a second time yet.

Written by: Cereal Gamer

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