Been Awhile…and Keys

It has been awhile since the last post, and I apologize for that.

Various life changes have caused the drout, but have also opened up the opportunity to write more in the last couple of days. Given it is the hotbed of video-game releases, what have I decided to write about for my first foray back into video game journalism/blogging? Keys, yes you read that right, keys. I have recently produced several episodes of Whitless Walt, with a recent hiatus, on the Cereal Gamer Youtube channel. But now that I am writing again, I want to tell you about a really cool find.

They are called The Key Armory, and they produce some of the coolest custom keys around. Right now they are only producing 10 different styles, but they have chosen some of the most potent geek styles that will make anyone excited to lock/unlock their door. The copyright friendly collection includes The Hero’s Blade, The King’s Blade, The Kingdom Key, The Halfling’s Blade, The Runeblade of Ner’Zhul, The Eye of Thundara, The Gunblade Revolver, The Royal Shield, The Blade of the Direwolf, and even Cross-Guard Starsaber. There is even a combo package for my personal favorites.

My Personal Favorite



Thanks for putting up with my random thoughts and finds, and I promise more videos and articles will be coming soon!

Written by: Aaron Walters

Aaron grew up with a controller in his hand. He got hooked on the SNES and hasn't looked back since. Twitch

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