Hello fellow gamers! I’ve got a beautiful wife who has no problems putting up with my gaming side. Bless her. I have a stable 8-5 job but it’s nice to unwind each night and get lost into whatever world currently tickles my fancy. See, what captivates me most in a game is the story and/or lore (there’s a difference!). Of course my library isn’t limited to these genres but because of this, I naturally gravitate towards RPGs, action/adventures, platformers and the like. I will try to break down my top 5 by giving a series and then singling out a specific title within. My top 5 is also based on story/lore first and then overall gameplay.


Favorite Genres:

RPGs/Action RPGs
Retro style Sidescrollers


Top 5:

Kingdom Hearts series (KH 2 Final Mix)
The Legend of Zelda series (OOT & LTTP)
Dark Souls series (Dark Souls I)
Uncharted series (Uncharted 2: Among Thieves) not so much lore but incredible story telling
Tales series (Tales of Symphonia)


Honorable Mentions:

Metroid series (Super Metroid) surprisingly sound lore!