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Murdered: Soul Suspect


Second Bowl: Murdered Soul Suspect

Second Bowl: Murdered Soul Suspect
Ever have one of those moments where everyone hates something, so you hate it too? I think we’ve all been there. Between the media, friends, and even people we can’t stand our opinions are influenced by the opinions of others. Sometimes, those opinions might not be as accurate as we think they are. Maybe you hated a food until you tried it. Maybe it was a movie or music genre that you didn’t understand until you watched it. The same thing happens in video games. Games get blasted by the big names of the industry, and we never give them a chance. I’m not talking about broken games like Pulse Racer or E.T. for Atari. I’m talking those games that score somewhere around 6-8. That dread range where truly great things can hide, and even shine, despite their flaws. Basically, games that are worth a second look. Let’s start by taking a look at ...



@therealcliffyb Getting older beats the alternative...
@matthewmercer Was the Lord Estheross voice inspired by J. Peterman from Seinfeld? Love the voice either way, just sounded familiar.
@Gothalion After letting them marinate in their own juices for at least 2 months, finishing these bad boys off in c…